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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  October 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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- sure, homie. i got your back, yo. - and it's not too late. hey, why don't you come in with me? - well, what the heck? i'm gonna get grounded anyway, might as well. - [dance music playing] comedy central >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with trevor noah. (cheers and applause) >> trevor: welcome to the dalee show. thank you so much for tuning in. i'm trevor noah. our guest tonight here to chat about his new book ta-nehisi coates is joining us, everybody. pause plaws but first, but
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first, with halloween just around the corner, members of the white house press corps decided to take their kids trick or treating at the scariest haunted house that they could think of. >> i could not believe the media could produce such beautiful children. how the media did this, i don't know. that's beautiful. these are beautiful, wonderful children. oh, you going to grow up to be like your parents? don't answer. it could only get me in trouble, that question. >> trevor: wow. i can't believe trump is [bleep] on those kids' parents directly in front of them. yeah, and that wasn't even the worst of it. later on he went up to a pregnant reporter and whispered into her belly, your mom is an enemy of the people. (laughter) and i know are you wondering why would÷ú the media bring their s in. right? and subject them to this. but maybe the press corps was like, do you see what i have to go through every day? do you see what i do every day to put food on the table, huh?
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now eat your veggies or i will take you back to that talking pumpkin. now eventually president trump got around to handing out some candy. but even then he couldn't help giving it a special trump spin. >> who likes this? you have no weight problem, that's the good news, right? good. you pick out whatever you need. >> trevor: america, i hate to say this but i'm beginning to think that your president may be a jerk. (laughter) and as bad as trump was at least those kids didn't get any candy from mike pence. cuz you know they would have been why are there no green m & ms. >> i had to take them all out, i can't be alone with a sexy woman, no. but let's move on. because trump's halloween weekend wasn't all fun and harassing children. he also probably spent the weekend stress eating a lot of that candy. because on friday night trump received the spookiest news of all.
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special counsel robert mueller was going to drop his first indietment. and by the way, by the way if robert mueller doesn't walk into every interrogation room saying it's mueller time, he's wasting his life, yeah. he is. like first thing he should do every time he walk in, just be like hey, perp, what time is it, it's 6:45, wrong, it's mueller time. you just lied to the fbi. so everyone is waiting to find out who was maybe going to jail, and early this morning we all discovered. >> an alert, former trump campaign k45eur78 paul manafort slapped with a 12 count federal indictment including conspiracy against the u.s., money laundering and failure to digs close foreign lobbing. >> this is a bad day for paul manafort. >> they threw the book at him. >> he is looking at 10 to 15 years in prison. >> trevor: happy halloween, bitch. (laughter) what a crappy day for paul
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manafort. although at least it happened before hall can change his costume to sexy convict. this is good. this is good. and it really doesn't look good, 12 counts including conspiracy against the united states. i don't even know what that means but it just sounds bad. so paul manafort has now been charged with lobbying for the government of the ukraine and not telling the u.s. government he did this. he has also been charged with laundering tens of millions of dollars into secret foreign bank accounts in remote island nations around the world. which basically makes manafort one eye patch away from being a bond villain, straight up. and after he turned himself in this morning, he pled not guilty to all charges. which means now we could get to see him in court. and i pray to god that he has to testify. because we already know from the campaign, that he is the world's worst liar. >> to be clear mr. trump has no financial relationship with any russian oligarchs. >> if that's what he said,
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that's what i said-- that's obviously what my position is-- . >> trevor: i like imagining paul manafort trying to tell a that's what she said joke. mr. manafort, your prison sentence could be long and hard to handle. >> that's what she-- well, that's what i-- that's what i-- that's obviously the position that she mentioned that-- . >>ko trevor: so robert mueller has indicted paul manv: a fort. or as trump's people call him, new phone, who dis. >> today's announcement has nothing to do with theç president. has nothing to do with the president's campaign. or campaign activity. >> there is absolutely nothing in+ involves the campaign. >> the president had fog do with coordination, collusion or cooperation with russia. nobody at the campaign did that i am aware of. >> trevor: nobody-- cooperation-- cory will want dowsky reminded me of an angry old man talking without
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his denture. give me back my teach. now look, this part of what everyone in trump camp is saying is true. it is true. none of man a forth's charges relate directly to the campaign. but i don't know if they are willfully ignoring it or compl going on here. what happened this morning wasn't just a 12 count indictment. it was bob( mueller signaling that he is not just going after collusion, people, el's take you down for any crime including precampaign financial crimes. aka, donald trump's career. but i can see why team trump was happy with this morning's news.# them colluding with russia. and then this happened. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> his former foreign policy advise tore the trump campaign has pleaded guilty to lying to fbi officials. the complaint says georgeñi
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papadopoulos lied about his contacts with foreign nationals who had close connections to the russian government. >> trevor: it is still hall wean, bitches. (applause) just two hours, two hours after the manafort story broke we find out that one of trump'sl advises george papadopoulos was trying to connect the trump cam pain with russian government officials who had dirt on hillary. so now the story is back to trump-russia collusion, yeah. you know what would be hilarious is if this news broke as trump was popping the champagne about the manafort thing. he was like yeah, the mueller indictment has nothing to do with me. whooo! mike pence, come over here, let's get them titties wet. whooo. yeah, yeah. whooo. wait, wait, wait, another indictment? wait, wait, stop, stop, no, champagne, no, stop, this is not the time, champagne, mike pence,
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dry them tities, dry them tities. and mike pence should dry them tities. because unlike manafort's indictment, pop dop lus' crime does relate directly to which makes the decision much more dangerous to donald trump, especially given the little detail.9/ >> we know he's cooperating. he was actually arrested in late july. and court documents say he has repeatedly been requested by the government since then and has been providing answers. >> a papadopoulos indictment has to be the one that hasñi trump really sweating because it is a gillee plea. it directly deals with collusion and he is cooperating. >> trevor: that's right, folks. it is mueller time. we'll be right back. (applause) [ slow piano music throughout ] ♪ girl, in my dreams
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>> trevor: welcome back to the daily show. let's be honest. there was too much news to keep up with this weekend but thankfully too much news is just the right amount for a segment we call ain't nobody got time for that. first up, in the wake
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of the harvey weinstein scan dal the house of cards is falling down around powerful men in hollywood. literally. >> one of hollywood best known actors kevin spacey caught up in allegations after anthony rapp accusing spacey of making a/o! secretaries all advance at a party 30 years ago when he was 14. spacey responding to rapp's allegations on honestly do not remember the encounter. i owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior. he also acknowledged publicly for the first time that he is gay, writing, i choose now to live as a6z gay man. >> trevor: wow, why is the twist always that kevee spacey is the bad guy? and talk about the worst time to go public with your sexuality. i mean it's always good to live your truth but don't use it to get out of trouble. like imagine if a cop pulled him over shall he would be like sir, are you drunk. i need to you come out of the vehicle. he is like that not the only thing i'm willing to come out
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of. i'm gay too, you are under arrest. get out. so another day, another example of a man abusing his power which i would love to talk more about. and will there be more stories but now we don't have enough time because we need to turn to the place with no power. puerto rico. people have been asking, how does a tiny montana company with only a few employees land a $300 million government contract to fix puerto rico's power grid. does mononeucliosis even have electricity. now some say the awarding of this contract was corrupt but a cording to the company's c.e.o. the details are crazier than you think. >> andy tankmanski the c.e.o. of whitefish energy tells officials he first contacted the puerto rico power authority or perpa after hurricane irma. >> i found him on linkedin. >> you found la prepa on linkedin. >> they will love this, but yeah. >> trevor: are you kidding me? that guy got a $300 million contract from one linkedin
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connection? you know what, congrats to him. i'm still not click on those emails. i'm not i refused. how can you be offered $300 million on a linkedin email and not think st a scam, kudos to that guy, 300 348, linnedin, no, i bet there is a nigerian prince somewhere going oh, that is a believable. you click that but you don't click mine, that is believable? now if we have the time we will discuss how the story became a big deal because of the company's prox imity to trump's interior secretary. but we just don't have the time. that's why aain't nobody got time. i just wasted time saying that. let's move on. we move on from whitefish power to fishy white power thns this week end there was another white lives matter rally. i won't waste your time playing clips were itñh youuiis the absolute bis counterprotest i have ever a white supremacist gets up to give a speech.
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and he dint get punched, someone just starts playing la bamba. >> against a poor degenerate lake you. ♪. >> shut the [bleep] up. >> trevor: that is the greatest protest ever, like these people don't deserve our anger, they deserve our ridicule, buff unear-- buffooner withy with buffoonery. it is so happy even one of the nazis can't help but dance along. look at him, lack at him. that guy totally forgets he's wearing a nazi helmet. yeah, he's like yeah, we're in a supreme race but that is a supreme beat, come on, come on. honestly, whoever did this was genius because it is impossible to be intimidating when you have la bamba playing underneath your
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words. like imagine if they played lamb bamba whenever the leader of isis spoke. >> trevor: that's so fun. it's more like dance to america. and the best part is this la bamba tactic works in aniera. you see? la bamba works on all nazis, neo and original recipe. and that's all the news we ain't got time for.
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>> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." our guest tonight is a natd correspondent for the at look and "new york times" best selling author whose latest book is you will kad, we were eight years in power and american tragedy. please welcome ta-nehisiu-b co. (applause)[q welcome back to the show. >> thanks for having me back. >> trevor: it's good to have you. this is fun. before we get into the book, there is a story that came out of the book that a side of you that i didn't really know about, a piece of you that i went back and read on. and that was ta-nehisi the blogger. you blogged a lot. you speak in the book about how this is where you forged your writing, was your dodgeo in a way. >> yeah. >> trevor: do you sometimes minutes that ta-nehisi where you
11:22 pm
could say anything you want. there wasn't the scrutiny on you, you were just spitting your ideas out there? >> all the time, all the time. yeah, i mean, what happened last year, i was doing fore interview show and i got asked who i was voting for. and i said, i said i was voting for bernie sanders. and the new york times reporter called me after that. >> trevor: right. >> and it was clear, like i couldn't talk in the w&o like i just didn't havew3 like e ability. i had to very much weigh how i-- because in my mind this is me talking. just the guy from west baltimore talking. he might know, he might not know. but then i realized that people don't necessarily see it that way. >> trevor: the book is really looking at obama's tenure. >> right, right. >> trevor: looking at that time. >> right. >> trevor: am i correct in saying that this is a pessimistic outlook on what those eight years meant? >> my editors never"n say welli tell them s this going to be hopeful,. >> trevor: right. >> is this going to be ownership
11:23 pm
or pessimistic, so it is hard for me to answer that as a practitioner it is what it was. you know, it's not really in my mind. i'm trying to get answers. >> trevor: right. >> and if those answers tend to be depressing, then i think that is because of a previous stories that maybe we've told ourselves about the world. >> trevor: that's interesting. because i have seen a few white people who have said how you can con dem this country. ta-nehisi, i hear what you arew3 saying and you are write about the slavery and are you right ab'rt about segregation and are you right about mass incarceration, but really, is it that bad? >> i mean in my mind i don't see myself condemning the country. i think what it is, it's usually, if you believe in the american exceptionallist myth, you think america is show higher than all other countries, that it's touched by god. that it really is, as we talked about, that city on the hill, then yes, i'm condemning it.
11:24 pm
yes. but if you believe as i believe that it is a society, a country established by humans with all the 3wu68 things and all the flaws that come from being a human being, then no, it's just a story. it's just a story. >> trevor: what if i presented this to you. what if i said it is exceptional. what if i went america is exceptional in the same way superman is exceptional. but then there is the clark kent side of superman, you know, the flaws, the cracks in the-- and. >> more like supermans then them lexerluther side. >> trevor: oh wow. >> it is much more like that, you know. i don't know, i think there is a heavy missionary impulse that is buried in the america. like maybe it is buried in the psyche of all people where they want to lead the country show distinctly more than other societies and countries before. but i think it does attach that idea, that just show a particular different exceptional. >> trevor: you take us through each year of the o bama presidency. it is interesting how the book starts from a place of hope,
11:25 pm
excitement. you talk about how you went with your partner, you brought food, oh black times, baby. >> we used a different phrase. >> trevor: i am para phrasing. that is what iñi felt, black times. >> yeah. >> trevor: anddc6 then as the presidency unfolds, we, we go through this journey with you. it's really powerful because you tak%@;mways you argue that obams presidency and black leadership in anyway shape or form is in some way contributing tohhwráe supremacy which is a very complicated argue. what do you mean when you say that? >> i would say it's not, i done think o bama did anything but be a human being and going to the office and somebody who checked black on the census form. it is the reaction to that. it is always the reaction to the ordinariness. to the bowrgeois, the middle classness of normal every day black people and how well that
11:26 pm
accords with what this country claims that sawls a threat because it automatically underminds the suppositions of white supremacy which says that black people don't take care of their kids. black people are always killing each other. there is a kind of moral judgement that can always be made on black people. this goes back to justifications for slavery. and black folks who present themselves, you know, in a particular way as undermining that, you know t is always a threat to the thinking about white supremacy. i think that is why folks mr. so offended by obama. like they couldn't grasp that he was actually black. so they became this whole other myth only that sprung up around him most specifically in the birtherrism thing. >> trevor: he could not be from here because is he not the black that we believe black to be. >> exactly. and there is another word i cannot use, but that they actually want that is the archetype of what that is, but that he would be black, as being human, and all that, again, not exceptional, all the normal ways
11:27 pm
of a human being, kiss your wife, luf your wife, got a dog. two kids just normal every day was too much, i think that contributed to the birtherrism, all the weird conspiracy theories that sprung up around him. >> trevor: before i let you go, one last question, talking to the idea, we were eight years in power, you draw in the book many parallels between a time when black people were ruling the backlash that came afterwards and obama's rule and the backlash that came afterwards. one thing you also do in the book and i don't know if it is coincidencal or not is you also draw parallels in the response to that backlash. you have the civil rights movement that comes afterwards. do you think that in some ways donald trump's presidency will be the slingshot that propells america even further forward? is there a possibility that now you will have more people engaged in politics? you will have more women who are running for office. you will have more men who are accountable for sexual harassment. do you think there is a possibility? >> yeah, there's a possibility.
11:28 pm
it also could be the trap door that plunges us into the abyss so-- (laughter). >> trevor: one or the other. >> i'm not saying, you know, one or the other though. >> trevor: i hope that i'm. >> i'm just having fun, man, just having fun. >> trevor: thank you so much for being here, always, always a pleasure. (applause) we were eight years in power is available now. it's fascinating. you want to read this book. ♪ every time you call on me ♪ i drop what i do ♪ you are my best friend ♪ and we've got some things to do ♪ ♪ ♪ do you wanna, do you wanna, do you wanna ♪ ♪ do you wanna, do you wanna, do you wanna ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah-ea-ea-eah ♪
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>> trevor: that's our show for tonight, the op significants with jordan clep certificate up next. now here st, your moment of captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh n: the mainstrem media clowns are trying to put a pie in the face of these guys: paul manafort & rick gates. they turned themselves in today after being indicted by muller on 12 counts, only one of which is "conspiracy against the u.s.," and those letters can mean anything! manafort wasn't even that involved wit


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